Bell-4180 Gaussmeter Features:
·  Triple-axis for fast, easy measurements
·  Compact and lightweight
·  Accurately measures AC magnetic field strength from 0.4 mG to 599 mG. 
·  Frequency range is 20 Hz to 2000 Hz
·  40 Hz to 80 Hz:  Basic accuracy is  2% + 1 digit. 
·  25 Hz and 1200 Hz:  typical accuracy is 5% 
·  20 Hz and 2000 Hz:   typical accuracy is 15%
·  Auto Ranging moves decimal point automatically
·  Includes Soft Carry-Case, Operating Instructions, and free Magnetic Field Guide booklet
·  User can select milliGauss or microTesla units for display (milliGauss is the default).
·  User can select single axis or three-axis simultaneous reading (3-axis is the default).

To see more features and specifications click here  (large file 2.85 MB).

To see the full instruction manual: click here.

Note: This meter measures AC magnetic fields. It does NOT measure static or DC fields from  magnets, magnetized metal, or the Earth's magnetic field.  It also does not measure cell phone radiation, radio or TV towers, for those you would need an RF Meter.

Bell-4180 Purchase (new):    $ 325.  

Bell-4180 Rental for 2-weeks: $ 39.  
    (see: Rental  Info).

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Bell-4080 Triple-Axis ELF Gaussmeter, with instruction sheet and free Magnetic Field Guide
Three-Axis Gaussmeter
This compact easy-to-use gaussmeter measures AC magnetic fields generated by home wiring, appliances, office equipment,  power lines, electrical and electronic equipment.

For more information including health effects associated with AC magnetic fields see EMF-FAQ

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The Swedish National Energy Department issued an advisory warning that schools, playgrounds, and day-care centers should not be sited near power lines, and that children should not be subjected for long periods every day to AC magnetic fields over 3.0 mG.  This  gaussmeter can check for this.

Customer Testimonials: 

“I have to say that it was the best $39 I ever spent !”
-Adam, Wakefield, MA

“Thank you so much for allowing us to rent this !
We found very high EMFs right where one of our sons’ head was sleeping every night so we were able to move his bed ! Very interesting stuff and we had all our friends asking us to come test their house.”
-Diana, Aplington, IA 

"I rented the gaussmeter to check the EMF of some radiant electric healing panels.  The manufacturing company said that these heaters posed no problems. I first stood in the middle of the room while they were off and got  0.01 to 0.02 uT (less than 0.3 mG) reading-- normal and safe, according to the guidelines. Then I turned on the heating panel. Wow, the meter reading went up to 6 uT (60 mG) in the middle of the room. I moved the meter closer: a foot away from the heater elements, and the reading climbed even higher:  to 12 uT (120 mG). No health risk? Guidelines say that long-term magnetic field exposure above 3 mG is a health hazard. Without the gaussmeter,  we would never have known how high the exposure was." 
-Dianne S., Santa Barbara, CA