Radio Frequency (RF) and Cell Tower Meter

RF meter
This accurate and user-friendly RF and Cell Tower meter measures electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers and antennas, cellular base stations, TV and FM radio towers, mobile phones, cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, wireless communications, and  microwave oven leakage. You can check RF exposure and environmental EMF/EMR safety.  

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This RF meter provides excellent sensitivity so it can pick up weak signals. The Average exposure displayed is a true time-averaged reading which is very much more accurate than most RF meters   measuring modern digital signals. The readings are shown numerically on an LCD display at top, plus two columns LED lights allow you to quickly gauge the levels in an area, and it also has a convenient sound output, so it is called the Acoustimeter (RF Meter model AM-10).  

Technical Features:
·  Covers very wide frequency range: 150 MHz to 10 GHz. 
·  Typical accuracy: ± 3dB for 200 MHz to 8000 MHz;  ± 6dB for 150-200 MHz and 8-10 GHz.  
·  Shows instantanous field strength and peak hold in V/m,  and time-average power uW/sq.m.
·  Average power reading is an accurate true time-averaged reading of the last 1024 samples.
·  Measurement sensitivity and dynamic range: 0.02 to 6.00 volts per meter (V/m), and 
           1 to 100 000 microwatts per square meter  (uW/sq.m) .  (1 uW/sq.m = 0.1 nW/ 
·  Measures continuous wave and also high speed burst digital RF, including:  
            WiFi, CDMA, DMA, GSM, PCS, DECT, UWB, Bluetooth, WiMax, wireless LAN.  
·  Includes a built-in single-axis antenna which detects the electric field.  
·  Super-fast response time.  Soft carry case included. 
·  Batteries included:  two AA alkaline or rechargeable.  Battery life: 20 hours typical.  
·  Size: 190mm x 102mm x 33mm (7.5" x 4" x 1.3").  
RF Meter Purchase (new):     $ 359.
       Find Cell Tower and Antenna Locations shows locations and frequencies of many towers & antennas in USA
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RF Meter Rental for 2 weeks: $ 49.
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Customer Testimonials:  

"We rented an RF meter and discovered extremely high RF fields in our living room from a cell phone company antenna that had been placed on the exterior wall of our apartment building, right next to our living room, without our knowledge. Our baby was being exposed to high RF fields at power levels like using a cell phone inside the crib all the time: 24/7. The meter was very useful in discovering this RF exposure."   
  - Alicia,  New York, NY. 

"Thank you very much. This was exactly what I needed to scan our environment. I'll be back for an ELF meter next."   - Rich, Portland, OR.
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