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The following meters are usually available to rent:

      Meter Name

 Rental    Fee  per day

 Rental  Deposit in cart

Rental available ?

Acousticom-2 RF Meter   for mobile phones, phone towers, WiFi, RF $ 2 $ 120. Now
Acoustimeter AM-10 RF Meter   for mobile phones & towers, WiFi, RF $ 4 $ 320. Long Wait
Bell-4180 triple-axis AC Gaussmeter  $ 4 $ 290. Now
Bell-4190 triple-axis AC Gaussmeter  $ 6 $ 390. Now
Bell-5180 Gauss/Tesla meter rental:       
Bell-5180 rental with Transverse Probe HTD18-0604, Domestic pwr, NIST cal card $ 25 $1360. or PO


Standard Axial Probe SAD18-1904   add-on to Bell-5180 rental (contact us) $ 10  $ 425 or PO  
Low-field Axial Probe MOS51-3204   add-on to Bell-5180 rental (contact us)  $ 20   $1000. or PO  

How to Rent a Meter: 

Click on meter name (orange link above), then click RENTAL SELECTED, and ADD TO CARTThe rental deposit amount is shown. 

Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Fill in address screens and shipping method (Priority mail is a good value, you usually receive it in 2-4 days). Then enter Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card.  When you finish checkout you are charged the rental deposit and shipping to you.

The rental meter is shipped usually within 1 day. It includes instructions for using the meter, an invoice showing what you paid, and other info. The tracking number is emailed to you from Stamps.com or UPS. 

The rental starts the day it is shipped to you and ends the day it is received back;  all days are counted for the rental, including days while shipping, weekends and holidays.  When we receive it back, the rental deposit is refunded to you minus the rental fee for each day (shown in table above).  Please allow one week after meter is returned for the refund to show on your credit card. 

Minimum rental is 7 days. If meter is received back sooner you will still be charged for 7 days (due to paperwork & fixed costs). 

Maximum rental: you can keep the meter as long as you likeIf you keep this meter until the total rental fees equals your deposit, then there are no more fees due and no refund, and you own the meter and there is no need to return it. Rental fees are therefore 100% applied to purchase for the deposit amount if you decide to keep the rental meter, with a 1-year warranty from the date you purchased it, like "Rent-to-Own". 

Returning the meter:  Please include the black carry pouch, booklet, and invoice number or order number. You pay for postage. Return to:

Magnetic Sciences
367 Arlington St
Acton, MA 01720

Meters are checked after each rental. Magnetic Sciences is not liable for any damages arising out of the rental, use or performance of this meter (see Disclaimers)


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